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We're proud to announce the sponsorship of Del Sim. At the mere age of six, Sim began his journey as a respected player by competing on local adult leagues in English Eight Ball, and gained recognition by snooker world champion Peter Ebdon as a naturally-gifted talent. Sim’s father was his inspiration, and it was through him that he began playing on their home pool table at the age of two, by standing on an old beer crate his father had.

In 2012, Sim concluded that he had taken his career in English pool as far as he could, and decided to transfer to the American pool formats, which have been his ongoing focus to the present time. It was in 2012 that Sim joined a local club called “Demons” in Hounslow, London where he was mentored by house pro Raj Hundal. Hundal taught him the disciplines and principles of the games

In life, there are very few things tougher than competing against yourself and others in a game of skill, strategy, and precision. Pool is a game that can do all of that. It encompasses physics, emotion and the passion to express your ability. I look at pool the same way an artist looks at a blank canvas, I paint my picture on the table the way I want to, and my personality reflects in my game with entertaining and exciting pool.

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