Exclusive Tip of Dominator Shafts

We're proud to announce the partnership of G² tips and Dominator Shafts. All Dominator Shafts will now come exclusively with G² tips 

Why your next shaft should be a Dominator...

Radial Lamination: The Dominator D3 shaft is constructed with eight pie shaped rock hard maple sections. Each section is quarter sawn so no matter how you rotate your cue the wood grain is always vertical, giving you consistence performance with every stroke.

Solid Feel: Unlike other competitors shafts, the Dominator D3 shaft does not have hollow sections. Combine this with a newly redesigned melamine ferrule and a G² layered tip - the result is a solid hitting, low deflection shaft with exceptional feedback.

Quality: Every step in the process of making a Dominiak cue or shaft is done in Upstate New York, USA. Each piece of maple is processed in their own sawmill and drying kilns then hand selected by a professional for assembly, ensuring the highest standards are met.

Value: For over twenty years their parent company Cue Stock Inc. has supplied major cue manufactures with quality maple wood. With expert knowledge, experience and the ability to control every step of the process they're able to produce quality products with very competitive pricing.

*Three brand new shaft designs available now

 D3..... Eight piece radial laminated shaft - hard maple

*D4..... Eight piece radial laminated shaft - 4 pieces of hard maple, 4 pieces of ash.

*D5..... Eight piece radial laminated shaft - straight grain ash wood.

*D6..... Eight piece radial laminated shaft  - purple heart wood. Break shaft or pro taper available.

To visit Dominator Shafts, please visit the link below:

Dominator Shafts

To visit their parent company, please click the link below:

Cue Stock

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