Authenticity Query Website


*Please make sure every G² tip purchased has an authentic s/n sticker*

To address a rumor started by a certain crazed madman and continued on by other individuals looking to make their own non premium tip brands look better, G² tips are 100% made in Japan. To put this nonsense to rest, the reason why the authenticity query website is hosted by a Chinese company is a very simple one. The owner and founder of the G² brand lives in Hong Kong and it’s where his headquarters is based out of. That’s why they use a local authenticity query system to combat counterfeits. Wow! Breaking News! Mystery solved for all the conspiracy theorists finally. 🤣

I guess to some, you're required to host your website where you have your products made. However, that wouldn't make much sense if you don't even speak the language huh?

Clearly common sense isn’t so common these days!! 🤦🏻‍♂️