G² Premium Billiard Chalk

G² Premium Billiard Chalk Original is an in between consistency of traditional style chalk and a softer style chalk with a built in metal plate on the bottom to be used with any magnetic chalk holder. Cue ball marks are much less than other competitors and close to about the same as traditional style. The gripping ability is about the strongest made without damaging the cue ball as well as very little chalk drop on the table. Bottom line, you will not see chalk marks everywhere on the felt and will stay on cue tip for many shots unlike tradition style.

New G² chalk “Model S” & “Model F”

Each model is softer and smoother than traditional chalk. These are considered to be a cleaner chalk since more chalk particles will stay on the tip longer and less will be left on cue ball and on the cloth. Both chalks provide excellent “grip” but will not scratch the cue ball. They are formulated to provide an even thickness of chalk of the cue tip without piling up no matter how often and how long you chalk the tip. As a result, the player can expect same feedback and performance of every single shot.

Model S: This softer version provides maximum grip on cue ball. It is designed for players who require total control on every shot and accurate positioning for the next shot.

Model F: This firmer version provides excellent accuracy while gripping ability is superb. It is designed for players who look for additional power and closer feel to traditional chalk while desire for extra control on the cue ball.